A good night.
☀️back in MPLS☀️
That awkward moment when Bronna and I show up in the same outfit.

Our good friend Nate Janke from Saint Sabrina’s will be at Infinite through Saturday only. We’ll be sad to see him go!

Down to the home stretch. Here till 9pm tonight!!
Was a good day here on south 4th street! This darling little lady did it proper 😎
Hey philly imma be piercing at Infinite Body piercing until the 9th of August. Come play. Smooches not included… Or are they? 😏
Our shop hound 💀
Just some real dudes doing real dude stuff.
Hey man you pierced my lobes a little while back and I forgot to ask how long you recommend before stretching. It'll be six months in September but I didn't know if that was too soon. by Anonymous

Healing permitted. Typically 6 months minimum. I generally suggest double the heal time. Hope this helps.

Hold me by chrisjennell

Just like the Mel Carter song. Hold me. Thrill me. Kiss me. Miss you homie!