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Hey man you pierced my lobes a little while back and I forgot to ask how long you recommend before stretching. It'll be six months in September but I didn't know if that was too soon. by Anonymous

Healing permitted. Typically 6 months minimum. I generally suggest double the heal time. Hope this helps.

Hold me by chrisjennell

Just like the Mel Carter song. Hold me. Thrill me. Kiss me. Miss you homie!

let me love you by Anonymous

You have free will darling. Love as you want to love. No ones stopping you.

Thanks for being an inspiration to me as an APP member, intelligent human, kind heart, and good man. Your jewelry and tattoo work are so perfect and you handle these hordes of girls throwing themselves at you so politely, it's nice to see someone as purdy as yourself to not have a big mean ego. High fives from The Mitten!✋ by napalmbreakfast

This one got me right in the feels. Thank you.

Got an early rip in this morning.
This rain ☔️
Youngest you would date? by Anonymous

Grown ass women only.

Love your bike, and you are quite attractive. Hope you are having a wonderful evening! by sluttybutth0le

Thanks love. Likewise!

I've seen a couple people with the solid black arm sleeve? What is the symbolic meaning to it? Or the symbolic meaning to you? by Anonymous

That’s between me and my black arm.