New palm tattoo ▪️💀▪️
Doesn't it bother you when dudes makes passes at you? by Anonymous

Is this a real question? It doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m equal opportunity over here. Walk along homie.

What music do you listen to? by Anonymous

A lot of Doomriders lately 💀

You're so handsome and dapper. I would enjoy getting a drink with another Minnesota local, however I would probably swoon too hard. by Anonymous

Always enjoy meeting new people. I’ll have a Shirley Temple.

You're so dapper love you and the selfies you are my man crush everyday by isaibigdaddy

You silver tongued fox you! Thanks homie.

Love me? by chrisjennell

Never stopped homie!

😍 hands down the most handsome man I've ever seen! Bestow my beating heart!💓 by theplumppinup

Ya too sweet darling!

⚡️brisk night⚡️