I just saw you at the cc club! I wanted to say hi. You, my friend, are handsome and a little intimidating. Maybe next time.. by Anonymous

Must have been last night. You should have said hi. At the very least you would have gotten a free drink out of the deal. No need to be bashful.

No question..just 😍 by bellusterra

Right back at ya darling.

You Sir, are beautiful. Have a wonderful day. by Anonymous

I will! Likewise babe!

That foxy blue lace agate. She wears them so well.
Super babe with some super babely jewelry.
Wow you're handsome. Come fuck me and feed me snacks. by Anonymous

Inappropriate. You must be new here. If you could keep these thoughts to yourself that would be much appreciated. It’ll take a bit more to get snacks out of this guy. Sharing snacks is a big commitment. Nothing to be taken lightly.

It's so rare to see a post from you. I got so excited when I saw that you were on Tumblr today. Thank you for gracing my dash. by Anonymous

Just took a little time away. I’m around though :) sometimes you gotta get deep with two wheels and an open rode.

I got my septum done about 5 weeks ago and it's still kinda scabby and stings once I'm a while, what can I do to help it heal? by Anonymous

Just give it time. At 5 weeks it’s still a fairly new piercing. If you’re local feel free to drop by Sabrina’s for a check up.

Dude, it is summer. Where are the shirtless pics? :-) I think you are awesome, smart, talented, and so easy on the eyes, and easy to talk to (though it has been a while). Now, about the smoking... by Anonymous

Ha! This is cute. Made my day. Thank you love! Sounds like we might need to reconnect. Catch ya around the bend.

Do you have a special lady in your life at the moment? by Anonymous

Not at the moment.