Would you ever have a threesome with me and Josh Verdi? It's on my bucketlist. Lol in any case, just dropping by to admire your manly physique. Have a good one, breh! by bigsexywithglasses12

A threesome with two piercers? Be prepared to feel left out. But in all honesty this body’s not for sale. Sorry dear.

omg im so on your style how u wear ur dangling jewelry thats what i love lol i wear dangling jewelry all the time lol i love your hearts where did you get them? by br0kenmoon

Lol. Maya. Lol.

You've pierced a few of my friends! Super strange to run across your blog, but glad I did! by Anonymous

Sounds like you have some pretty awesome friends!

On a pain rating from one to ten( ten being extreme) where would you put septum piercings? by Anonymous

2. Go for it!

I think you are so handsome. The way you carry yourself is really wonderful, and whenever I've come into the shop and talked to you, you've been so kind and easy to talk to. by Anonymous

Very sweet. Thank you :)

Why are you neglecting your tumblr so much recently? 💔 by Anonymous

IRL. BRB. In all seriousness I’ve been traveling a bit, working a lot and trying to make some new experiences happen along the way. I just got to a point where i didn’t find it necessary to document every little thing. It’s exhausting to a certain point. Im still around. I’m just making a point to connect with the very real people in my life. In real time. It’s been a lot of fun.

The life.
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Murder bike.
Hey (: I just wanted to say thanks for doing such a killer job on my smiley. I love it sooo much! I can't keep my mouth closed just because I want everyone to see it. by heymanfuckoff

Well, that makes me real happy :)